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Our Level 3 Graphic Design programme is spread over two years and is designed to allow students to gain, develop and refine skills in a Graphic Design. Our course introduces our first-year students to the key skills, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud and key Graphic Design theory. This year, students also got the opportunity to delve into the world of working for a professional client through our work experience project, which allowed them to work directly with our external client ‘Friends of the Earth’. Based upon this brief our students were able to create promotional material and design, and our first-year student Rebecca Clarke even won the ‘Friends of the earth’ competition award. Every year, our second-year students are able to develop their design skills and take part in the Royal Opera House Design Challenge which allows their skills of working with external clients to broaden and refine. This involved creating promotional and marketing material for the opera ‘La Bohème’ and included a trip to Royal Opera House for a performance. 


To end the year, our students delved into their Final Major Projects which allowed them to apply all the different skills and techniques they had learnt throughout the course. Our first-year students were given a broad topic of ‘The Future’ to base their work upon, which allowed them to research and explore their own specific routes. Our second-year students embarked on a fully independent project, which enables them to explore their Graphic Design skills through a topic of their choice. This final project was completed at home, testing the students’ creativity under lockdown restrictions. 


Lauren Newton

Level 3 Graphic Design

Learning Coach


The concept and aim for my final major project is to imagine a possible solution that could help save the human race. I generated this idea as I'm family orientated and I believe that society is becoming more and more divided due to different cultures, religions, races and mainly corruption within the world. I have created this poster to create awareness, inspired by the idea of Utopia, Ursula Le Guin's books and Donna Haraway's public lectures. 


Using my old radio equipment and knowledge on number stations, I created a form of communication with the same methods used during the cold war. I created this piece in the style of a propaganda film, similar to those previously created during the cold war. I also experimented through the use of posters and thumbnails.