The Level 1 Diploma in Art, Design and Media is a one-year course. The students explore and develop their creativity, whilst learning new skills. With support and encouragement from the Level 1 team, students have produced project work across the year based on; Painting, Drawing, Photography, Model Making, Fashion, Print, Animation and Film Making, and completed the year by producing a Final Major project (FMP) specific to their chosen area of interest.


The FMP is titled ‘Telling Tales’. The project focused around a series of quotes enabling students to choose a quote to develop for their project. Students needed to demonstrate the ability to plan, research, experiment, make, problem solve and evaluate.


Natalie Steptoe

Course Team Leader

Level 1 Art, Design & Media

“A flash of teeth in a hatchet-blade face.”

― Neil Gaiman, The Monarch of the Glen

“So on a summer's day waves collect, overbalance, and fall; collect and fall; and the whole world seems to be saying 'that is all'” – Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway

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