The Level 2 Diploma in Art and Design is a one-year course. The students have used research to explore ideas and develop their creativity and practical skills. Earlier work included a project about Grimms’ Tales book illustrations, followed by a project that explored societal cultures through art. The students developed skills in 2D, 3D and media-based areas.


When the college moved to remote learning, some students continued their Final Major Project, which was based on personal reflections about themes of ‘War and Peace’. Other students have used their time at home to continue to develop their creative skills in areas of personal interest. Here we see exhibited a selection of artwork created during lockdown by Level 2 Diploma Art & Design. 


 Natalie Steptoe

Art & Design Lecturer

My Final outcome is a piece of wall art with an embroidery hoop. I think this was successful and I am proud that I taught myself some new sewing techniques that I didn't know before and I could sew realistic looking flowers which brings my flower arrangement to life.

'Artwork at Home'

 I decided to use a range of mediums and materials to create a range of different pieces of work.Painting is my favourite as I can experiment with textures and tone. I have improved with my painting skills.The needle felt is created by looking at my dog Coco. 

I decided to use medium of needle felt to create a Fennec Fox, which I researched to my complete final piece.

For my FMP I created an abstract painting using acrylics and fineliners, then further enhanced it through the use of collage and tissue paper. These materials and techniques allowed the design to be striking as well as textured.

'The Calm Masks the Chaos Within'

I wanted to create something that was original and meant something to me.

I made the installation into two rooms to show the different sides of who I am, the calm and the chaos.

The chaos room each wall reflects my phobias and past experiences which have affected me. The exterior of the chaos room is like a prison, creating the idea of being trapped within your own mind. The chaos room is smaller purposefully to make you feel confined.

The calm room is my sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life. Each wall shows what makes me calm and happy. The calm rooms exterior is different shades of blue, which is my calm colour. The calm room is larger than the chaos room to make you feel carefree and open to the world around you. It also signifies that calmness will also trump over chaos in the end.

I wanted to make the installation bigger so that people can actually walk inside and look around, but because of Covid-19 I had to scale it down massively, which was difficult but I managed to make it work with the resources that I could get hold of, which worked out brilliantly despite the circumstances.

My idea was to show peaceful and calming colours mixed with something complex and complicated to understand. The idea of the piece is some parts are easy and peaceful to look at, while the main element of the piece in some areas contain maximum detail. 

Sophie Miller

Level 2- Art and Design

'Today’s moments are tomorrow's memories'

“You don’t

Take a photograph

you make it.”

-Ansel Adams

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