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During this final year of the course, students need to decide on their progression route and fashion specialism. Most of the students have decided to progress to university, with a few looking for work and / or taking gap years. Students have been successful in obtaining university places on a variety of degree courses including: Fashion Design, Fashion and Textiles, Fashion Photography, Fashion and Business, Fashion Styling and Fashion Editing.


The Final Major Project was to support the students’ progression route and, as such, the students took ownership of their own concept and project brief. Unfortunately, only some of the students felt able to participate in the exhibition this year. Some felt that their final outcomes would be compromised due to lack of equipment and resources. Nevertheless, we are proud to showcase a sample of the work from this group and of all their achievements over the two years.


Debi Bishop

Level 3 Fashion

Course Team Leader

Georgia Knight

- Level 3 Fashion Year 2 -

‘Lucy and Yak’ International Green Marketing Competition 2019/20

Throughout the fashion course I developed an interest in sustainability and marketing and was very pleased to become a runner up in the international Regents University Competition. The brief was to create a new marketing campaign for a sustainable fashion brand. I developed a campaign strategy for the company ‘Lucy and Yak’ which included a 500-word campaign strategy, a branding mood board, and two visual images for the advertising campaign.

My target audience for Lucy & Yak is men and women aged 18-50. The brand would include casual, men and women’s wear as well as unisex. Our clothing is affordable, at prices that are respectful for everyone including our workers, who do a great job at making our garments and are paid a wonderful wage in doing so. Our collection is stylish, but not necessarily the same or similar clothing to high street brands. We do not update our clothes or change our stock every six weeks to match trends or seasons. This is to avoid fast fashion and to create less waste, to have a greater impact on the environment. Garments made at Lucy & Yak are full of colour and patterns, made with lightweight and soft fabrics. Limited edition pieces are also created, so that our collection is updated. This ensures that no fabric or extra garments are wasted, but if the garment is at high demand, it can be bought out again. Our sizing is accurate and updated regularly if needed. We ensure our customers are satisfied with their clothing and in comfort when being worn. For men and women, clothing ranges from XXS-XXL allowing a looser or tighter fit. We also think about a larger sized person and a taller person, meaning a wider size range allows them a better choice when buying our clothes. Spare fabric is used to create accessories such as scarfs and bags, as well as being used for delivery bags to allow extra protection of your clothing to make it to your doorstep. 

Our top key message at Lucy & Yak is to produce top quality clothing and products. As a brand we want our customers to get the most out of their clothing to reduce waste as we would expect when buying from other brands. We are very open minded with every worker that plays a part in our company, by paying our workers more than the expected minimum wage. As a brand, we push for a positive environmental impact, by using spare fabrics instead of throwing them away, to make other products such as bags. We hope that more people realise that you can use sustainable fabrics to create high quality clothes without adding any unnatural oils and dyes. 

I would advertise Lucy & Yak through many mediums. One way I would advertise would be through social media. Due to social media being such a big part of todays generation, it would be one of the easiest ways to be discovered by new people and to gain more customers. Another way I would advertise is through displaying posters in shopping centres. Shopping centres are a place where people visit quite often and would link together due to the brand selling clothes. It would catch the audience’s eye to have large colourful posters with a big logo to allow people to know what they are looking at, with examples of the clothing being shown. Pop up stands are also a good way of advertising as people in the street may not recognise the brand and will be intrigued to take a better look. 

Mya Morris

Words and messages 


My interest is in fashion journalism. My FMP was inspired by the theme ‘words and messages’. I chose to study one of my peers in the class and to create a magazine that reflects on her work, and how she came to complete it. When writing about her work I was also introduced to some hidden messages and family aspects that wouldn’t be seen by just looking at the final garment. I really enjoyed this section as we were able to share stories that would help the both of us with our project work and open new doors for research. I was able to create a magazine from start to finish showing the process from research, drawing, fashion illustrations, design developments, toiles and the final garment. 

Ella Noble 



The purpose of my project was to create garments inspired by traditional tribal clothing combined with the vibrancy of the animal kingdom and creatures from the film ‘Avatar’. This film inspired me because of the true and very real message behind it. Within the movie, a young man ‘Jake Sully’ Is sent out on a mission to get the native settlers to move so the civilized world can access the precious recourses they’re living above. This was inspired by a real-life situation. The Belo Monte Dam, an American electricity company built a dam to generate 20,000 MW of electricity, but by building this it would flood and completely destroy existing villages and tribes. 

Jessie Pietersz

Self Expression Through The Youth


My FMP was to be a magazine inspired by fashion, music and various local upcoming artists. Due to Covid 19, I did not complete the magazine, but developed suitable images in a photo shoot. The skirt has been up cycled from second-hand denim, and styled with second-hand clothes and accessories. I wanted to show that second hand and up cycled clothes can become high fashion. I developed the project work to suit my progression into London College of Fashion to do BA (Hons) Fashion Photography. 

Courtney Spicer 

Family History 

I started looking into my Family History to find out that my Nan used to work in a factory making parachutes. This inspired me to design garments inspired by parachutes as well as my family history. I decided to make two outfits using tent /parachute fabric. Wanting to create something that remembered all of my family I stitched outlines of family photos. My Grandad took the photos and I am so happy how they came out.  

Eleana Ward  



Research is a significant aspect of the design process; as I progress onto university to study fashion, research is expected of at high standard. In preparation for this, I have ensured my FMP has strong contextual meaning behind it. The project, based on weapons, violence and incarceration, explores unconventional shape and form within women's workwear.