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On the first year of this two-year fashion course, the students develop skills in fashion research, design, illustration, design development, pattern cutting, sewing, problem solving and analysis. This is a foundation for the second year, when the students will specialise in their chosen fashion area, which could be fashion design, merchandising, fashion photography, textiles etc.


For the Final Major Project, the first years had a theme of ‘Fragility and Strength’ and were asked to explore these two words to come up with their own interpretation and theme. To research and explore practically through experimentation and develop design ideas for a final collection and at least one final outcome. Due to ‘Covid 19’ and lockdown, this was difficult for some students, but they all completed the project work to the best of their ability, and we are proud to present a wide selection of their work to showcase in this virtual exhibition.


Debi Bishop

Level 3 Fashion

Course Team Leader

Sophie Collins  

-Fragility and Strength-
 Modern Elizabeth 1 

I am interested in costume design as a potential career progression and wanted my FMP to relate to this. I was inspired by the Elizabethan period and wanted to use influences from this era but add a modern twist. The fragility came from Queen Elizabeth 1 being female in the male dominated society of the 16th Century, and the strength came from her ability to lead the country through multiple wars. 

The concept of using historical elements with modern 21st century trends resulted in designs using inspiration from historical armour and large pleated dresses, alongside modern mini-skirts and fabric manipulation. 

Marcus Dialogo 

-Fragility and Strength – Webs 

My FMP was inspired by the fragility and strength of spider’s webs and I wanted to incorporate these into my final design ideas. During the course my drawings have needed improvement and I have found the use of Photoshop and illustrator enhances my illustrations and improves presentation to a more professional finish. I have developed my skills in this area and hope to continue to develop CAD skills in year 2 to improve presentation throughout my work and demonstrate design development. 

Sapphire Eversley 

-Fragility and strength-Vulnerable flowers 

For my final outcome I customized a dress. I was inspired by the artist Jen Stark who uses a strong, bold colour palette with lots of layers. My project looks at the strength and fragility of flowers and I experimented with creating both printed and 3D floral representations. 

The strength comes from the vibrancy of the floral colours when in full bloom, while the fragility can be seen when the petals start to decay and fall or become crispy. I used silk to create my flowers as this fabric frays easily representing fragility and vulnerability. 

Rachel Goldsmith  

-Fragility and strength– Flowers. 

I decided to explore how flowers can represent strength and fragility for my FMP and was particularly inspired by the historical brand Balmain that uses lots of floral prints in their designs. I drew a range of flowers, particularly focusing on roses as I feel they have a really strong image, in order to experiment with what types of print I could create. In the end I decided to use an already printed fabric to create a contemporary and commercial high street inspired outfit, that could be wearable for any woman during spring/summer and that could also be worn multiple ways, i.e. separate pieces or by tying the top in the back rather than front. These images show photos of my outfit, and illustrations of my final outcome and the final collection. 

Willow Silva  

-Fragility and Strength - Under the Sea 

My FMP was inspired by the fragility of shells and sea life. The most influential artist for this project was Courtney Mattison and her delicate sea life ceramic sculptures that draw attention to the cost of climate change. I love the range of colours in her work as well as the detail, and instead of using soft colours I wanted to represent the strength part of the project with a strong colour palette and a statement suit. 

Diana Szufryn 

-Fragility and Strength - -Birth of Venus- 
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diana 1.jpg
diana 2.jpg

For my FMP I was inspired by William's Bouguereau painting called ‘Birth of Venus’. I wanted to develop project ideas that combined both fragility and strength to challenge myself and get a more interesting final outcome. I produced a jacket and a corset belt. The structured silhouette of the jacket made from corduroy fabric represents strength and reminds me of the shell texture  from Bouguereau’s painting. The image of Venus, which is feminine and beautiful, I conveyed through a corset for which I  explored coral reefs to add texture. 

Elodie Woolhouse 

-Fragility and Strength– Patchwork 

My interest is in fashion merchandising and communication which led me to look at a wide range of magazines, exploring layout and images. Through this I developed an interest in the formation of squares and rectangles and experimented with the shapes to create a variety of compositions and layouts. This allowed me to use a wide range of media for print experimentation, as well as being able to use both strong and fragile fabrics within patchwork configurations.