Our Level 3 first-year Art & Design students cover a broad range of practical skills across the year, underpinned by research, conceptual thinking, and reflection. To end the year, our students delved into their Final Major Project which allowed them to apply all the different skills and techniques they had learnt. They were given the broad topic of ‘The Future’ to base their work upon, which allowed them to research and explore their own specific routes. This final project was completed at home, testing the students’ creativity under lockdown restrictions.

My piece was inspired by a utopian future where everything is happy with advanced technology. But I wanted to add a realistic element to it on the outside with the fire and dark colours to contrast. My main inspiration was taken from Robert McCall who did a lot of this kind of utopian style.

'Ink Experimentation'

My intention with these pieces was to delve into what life may look like in the future. How we may live and how the world may change during this time. I chose to use illustration to depict my ideas, utilising washes of ink and dark sketchy mark making to create a contrasting outcome.

The intention of this piece is to visualise themes from a futuristic perspective. Through research and experimentation I looked into how best to visually interpret the themes of the future. My work uses bold colours and an abstract approach to achieve this.

The purpose for this project was to explore the themes of the future. I chose to explore the idea that events that occur within the past, can effect the future. I explored my ideas through multiple mediums such as Charcoal, Water Colours, and Ink drawings.

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