The second year of the Level 3 Art and Design programme is designed to allow the students to refine their skills developed in year one. It gives them more independence and the freedom to focus on their specialism in preparation for their chosen progression route. Every year, as part of the curriculum, students take part in the Royal Opera House Design Challenge to develop skills in collaboration, and how to work with a real client in the industry. This year, students have also taken part in work experience with a live brief for Friends of the Earth; to raise awareness of environmental issues through design work. This also gave them experience in working for a real client, and to a specific brief.


To end the year, students lead their own Final Major Projects, applying independent learning skills, conceptual thinking, and creative enquiry. This provides the opportunity to explore a concept and theme of their choice, by applying creative and innovative skills acquired over the two years to their chosen specialism. All the work exhibited here has been adapted and created at home during ‘lockdown’.


Kirsty Kahl

Level 3 Year 2 Art

Course Team Leader

'Creatures and Hybrids'

My project is based on creatures and hybrids. I decided to incorporate special effects makeup to create my final piece. I based my hybrid creature on aquatic life and the ocean, using colour and detail to convey the type of character my creature would portray. I used tones of blue, to reflect the ocean, and my creature’s association with water. I also decided to incorporate bubbles. Bubbles form from the depth of the ocean and rise to the water’s surface. The depth of the ocean is where I’ve based my creature from, so I wanted to incorporate bubbles to further convey my aquatic creature.

With my final piece, I wanted to use multiple mediums to recreate a battle scene from the videogame OFF, in my own style, which I felt was accurate to the creepy and sinister atmosphere of the game.

Teagan King

Level 3, Year 2 Art and Design

These pieces represent a meeting point between fashion and surrealistic art, exploring the human figure and form, studying the appreciation of the beauty of the human body and its depiction or presentation and how this can be adapted through different mediums. Questioning how photomontage, photography and clothing can change bodies, this piece shows the discovery of a surrealistic world

In my project I looked at mental health, and what goes on in people’s heads that you don’t always see. I was inspired by THE HARA, an alt rock band whose music and lyrics inspired my photography. I created some very meaningful images and some videography with the music behind it to advertise how important it is to spread awareness for such a powerful topic. 

The idea that I explored throughout my project was being far from home and surrounded by strangers. When I first began working on the project I was very focused on this idea, but towards the end I began to look in more detail at the “flaneur”, an idea derived in 19th century literature meaning ‘A person who observes

My main inspiration for my project is the work of video game concept artists and how they can show the different angles, colours and shapes of the creature/character they'd like to portray, then with that 2D image, can turn it into a fully fledged 3D model. I am also fascinated by the symbolism of dreams so I wanted to incorporate something from my own personal dreams into the style of a concept art piece and sculpture. I’ve always enjoyed designing monsters for my artwork so this project was perfect chance to blend my love of concept art and monsters together.

My final outcome is a detailed pencil drawing. I used graphite and charcoal to create shading a depth to my piece. I used pen and ink to add highlights of colour to offset the tone of the piece. My intention was to create a visually diverse outcome.

'Creatures and Hybrids'

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